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Home of the best popcorn machines. All of our Popcorn Machines are made right here in the United States! Paragon's focus is on quality not quantity. All of the popcorn machines are top-quality and made with Pride! Please browse our selection and if you have any questions, contact us at:

  • Popcorn Machinie
    Theater Pop
    Bring the movie theaters home with Theater Pop Popcorn Machine. The number one home popcorn machine seller!
  • Traditional Style Popcorn Machinie
    Classic Pop
    Styled just like the poppers you see at the local movie house. The Classic Pop Popcorn Machine in 14oz & 16oz.
  • Yellow Popcorn Machine
    Cineplex Yellow
    The Cineplex Yellow Popcorn Machine features a brilliant textured yellow finish desired by many.
  • Copper Popcorn Machinie
    Cineplex Copper
    The Cineplex Copper is designed to fit the decor of today's home theater & game rooms.
  •  Red Popcorn Machinie
    Cineplex Red
    The Cineplex Red Popcorn Machine is a combination of quality & convenience only found with Paragon.
  • 1911 Black Popcorn Machinie
    1911 Black
    The 1911 Black Popcorn Machine is reminiscent of poppers used by street vendors 100 years ago.
  • 1911 Original Popcorn Machinie
    1911 Original
    The 1911 Original Popcorn Machine is truely a classic in American history.
  • Contempo Popcorn Machinie
    Contempo Pop
    Our Contempo Pop machines have a modern look well suited for many anything.
  • Thrifty Pop Popcorn Machinie
    Thrifty Pop
    If you are looking for a cost effective alternative without all the bells & whistles, the Thrifty Pop is for you.
Paragon's Popcorn Machine on Capitol Hill!  

That's right, the Theater Pop Machine now replaces the water cooler. Gotta love that!

All of Paragon's Popcorn Machines are built right here in the heartland of America, Iowa. You can rest assure, that all of our machines are built with quality and with pride. Nothing beats a Paragon Popcorn Machine!

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A perfect Popcorn Machine match

  We have many diffent Popcorn Machine styles and sizes to suite your needs. From our classic pop for the more traditional popcorn machine to the contempo featuring a more modern style machine. The popcorn machine sizes range from our smallest 4oz machine to our largest 20oz machine. Depending on how much popcorn you need, we have a popcorn machine to match your need.
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