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Theater Pop Popcorn Machine

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The Theater Pop Popcorn Machine is a #1 Seller. The Theater Pop features both a warming deck to keep your popcorn hot all day and an "old maids" tray for easy cleaning. Forget the other machines with plastic sides and top. Glass panels and a pair of plexiglass doors outweigh the competition for function and cleanability. The Theater Pop Popcorn Machine comes with one-year warranty..

NEMA style outlet is required for the 16oz Theater Pop Popcorn Machine model, all others use a standard 3 prong outlet.


  • Theater Red Finish
  • High Output, hard coated anodized Kettle
  • Stainless Steel Food Zone & Tempered Glass panels
  • Old Maid Drawer to Catch Unpopped Kernels
  • Built in Warming Deck
  • Presentation Lamp
  • Sturdy Steel Cabinet
  • #1 Seller!
  • Configurations: Popper, Popper & Stand or Popper & Cart

Theater Pop Popcorn Machine

There are many different designs when choosing a popcorn machine. If you want the movie theater look, the Theater Pop Popcorn Machine is for you.

jard High-output, Hard-coat Anodized Aluminum Kettle

Poppers feature high output, hard-coat anodized aluminum kettles for optimum performance and easy cleaning. We only use aluminum because it has the highest heat transfer rate of any approved cooking material. Then we hard-coat anodize the kettles to create a non-stick surface that’s a snap to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth.

Side-hinged Kettle

Our side-hinged kettles are simple to operate and maintain. This design facilitates routine cleaning because you can reach all parts of the kettle. Just wipe it with a damp cloth regularly and you’ll eliminate most of the baked-on carbon that is so common in oil-based cooking appliances. With less carbon build-up, your machine will heat faster and work more efficiently. Ordinary poppers with center pivot kettles build up baked-on carbon quickly and require time-consuming, difficult disassembly for cleaning.

Sturdy Cabinet Construction

Our cabinets feature aluminum extruded side post construction so they have superior structural integrity. The extrusions are designed to withstand heavy commercial use without damage. Channels inside the side posts protect wiring from oil residues that cause electrical shorts and operation interruptions. Tempered glass side panels slide right into the channels. All metal on the cabinet is finished with powder-coated paint that resists chipping.

Stainless Steel Foodzone and Tempered Glass Panels

The stainless steel bottom trays, drop doors and old-maid drawers are removable for quick cleaning. Just put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them with any mild detergent. Tempered glass side and back panels are designed for safety and easy cleaning – just wipe with a standard glass cleaner.

Built-in Warming Deck

All of our Theater Pop line of poppers incorporate 50-watt heating elements underneath the bottom tray. Since heat rises, bottom heating is better than heat lamps that only warm the top layer of popcorn. Our bottom-heating element keeps all the popcorn in the cabinet warm and at the ideal serving temperature. Depending on the humidity level, popcorn can stay fresh all day if kept at the right temperature.

Old Maid Drawer

A stainless steel drawer built into the base of the popper collects the unpopped kernels, or “old maids.” The small holes in the tray allow the old maids to fall through, while keeping the fully popped corn in the serving cabinet. It’s simple to remove the drawer for emptying and cleaning.

Presentation Lamp

A 50-watt R20 lamp lights the cabinet interior and highlights the popped corn for added impulse sales. The light also provides extra safety and convenience because the operator can see the kettle clearly for loading and unloading.
Theater Pop 4oz (TP-4) 120 1200 10 92oz per Hour 16"w x 14"d x 24"h 40 lbs
Theater Pop 6oz (TP-6) 120 1200 12 113oz per Hour 20"w x 14"d x 26"h 60 lbs
Theater Pop 8oz (TP-8) 120 1420 12 147oz per Hour 20"w x 14"d x 29"h 64 lbs
Theater Pop 12oz (TP-12) 120 1790 15 221oz per Hour 24"w x 20"d x 36"h 103 lbs
Theater Pop 16oz (TP-16) 120 2790 24 295oz per Hour 28"w x 20"d x 36"h 109 lbs
4oz Stand N/A N/A N/A N/A 16"w x 14"d x 32h 51 lbs
6 & 8oz Stand N/A N/A N/A N/A 20"w x 14"d x 32"h 62 lbs
4oz Cart N/A N/A N/A N/A 16"w x 34"d x 30"h 46 lbs
6 & 8oz Cart N/A N/A N/A N/A 16"w x 38"d x 30"h 58 lbs
12 & 16 oz Cart N/A N/A N/A N/A 20"w x 46"d x 30"h 71 lbs
Easy to Use
This is an awesome product. My mother loves it ! Now that my grandparents are here we are using it probably 2 or 3 times a week. Works really well.. very simple. Pretty sturdy, and easy to clean.

And the scoop that comes with it isnt really that great.. should pick up a stainless steel scoop wtih holes to sift out the unpopped kernals
- Justin Kirk

Paragon Theater Pop
This is a well built American made machine, I had some questions and they were addressed immediately. The documentation was even signed by the people making the product. Much better than the cheaply made cheaper products and you know you'll be able to get parts and support for it. And it makes most excellent popcorn.
- Jake D. Alexaner

Best Popcorn Machine out there!
I just received my TP-6 Paragon popcorn machine thru last week. It arrived ahead of schedule too. I was impressed with the packing and found no scratches on the machine. Every piece of glass/acrylic and stainless steel components were protected with a removable protective sheet of plastic. The kettle was supported doors and drawers taped down. It is one solid machine. I would highly recomend the Paragon TP-6 machine. I spent some time researching machines online and liked the quality of materials used in this machine. The fact that it was made in the USA and had good reviews was the deal breaker for me. I have made a few bathces and I'm experimenting with corn & supplies for the perfect batch. I didn't need a base or cart and it's just the right size to place on the bar. This winter with movies & popcorn will make this purchase one of my favorites.
- Jon Hamilton

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Paragon's Theater Pop

 A Special thanks to John for providing us with these action shots and video!